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Jam packed day for me. I had a 10:00 final. Then I have a noon final. A 2:00 meeting, Graduation rehearsal at 4:00, then a 4:30 meeting, and dinner reservations at 7:00. But it’s almost over.

I fell right asleep last night. I barely had the covers pulled up before I was out, and I’m yawning like crazy today. I must still be tired.

I’ve also been breaking out in hives almost daily for the past few weeks. How strange is that? They are either on my hands, feet, or legs. They itch and sometimes get pretty big, but they don’t cover any one large area. I took some Benadryl, but that kicks my butt. I usually just put on some hydrocortisone lotion and refrain from itching. I don’t have any new soaps or anything – Mark thinks it’s stress. If it keeps up I may go see a Dr. – I hope it’s not stress. I like to think I can handle stress pretty well. I had a big ole patch of them developing on my calf this morning, but they’re all gone now. In the middle of the night I woke up because my toes were starting to swell up and stuff. Why do I have such freaky things wrong with me??

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