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So, like I said, our home PC has been crazy. We were hijacked. Boo-hoo. I knew it happened while I was on the computer, but couldn’t remember where I was. I was on the phone with my mom and not paying attention and had a zillion windows open when all hell broke loose. Well, we’ve figured it out. Actually, a fellow blogger was having the same problems and I emailed her about it. Turns out I went where she went. But anyway, things are good now. That is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. I wanted to only get online at work and not at home. But now I feel much better about everything.

Friday we closed Mark’s show. Then we went out for a late dinner – try 10:00. We know the bartender at this place, and her daughter and her hubby (they’re our age) were in town and sitting at the bar. So, we visited with them. Needless to say, it was a late evening. We each had a couple beers and some steak. Yummy.

Saturday we slept in and went to lunch at our favorite coffee shop. We knew people there too. So we visited and stayed there longer than anticipated. Saturday night was our big outting. The college has this annual fundraiser where they have a live auction and a silent auction to raise scholarship money. They usually rake in about 40,000 – 50,000 that night. It’s $25 per person with an open bar and a yummy buffet. Mark and I always have fun. It started at 4:30 and I promptly started tilting back vodka tonics. Mark stuck to beer. By 6 – I was drinking straight vodka and trying to kung fu with people. That’s when my friend drug me through the food line and forced me to eat and drink some water. Mark had stopped drinking by this time because he was scared he was going to have to babysit me all night. But, my friend took over and I was just fine after that. We bought some fun stuff at great deals! I got a new CD walkman player. We already have one, but we end up fighting over it, so now we can both listen. We got a new cast iron skillet. I’ve always wanted one and am looking forward to seasoning it and using it this summer. We also got a cool pottery piece that a student of Mark’s made. It’s a vase, and we’re happy that we got it because she’s graduating and it’ll be nice to remember her by. Then I got a tea for one teapot. Not like the one in the picture, but it’s basically the same. Then – the best part of all!!! Mark got me some flying lessons!!!!!!!! Yes, flying in a plane!! How freakin’ cool is that?? I knew it was going to be on the auction block, but just assumed they would be way too much money (even for a good cause). But – they didn’t go for very much at all and Mark knew I thought that would be super cool. So I got it! I won’t be certified or anything – they’re not lessons to get a license or anything. If I want to continue I can and then I’ll be able to be a real pilot. But I think I just wanna take the lessons and have fun. What the hell would I do with my pilot’s license anyway? But this is going to be soooo cool. I feel like it’s a once in a lifetime thing. I can’t wait!

Then on Sunday we got new phones! Our contract was up and we got new ones. This is my phone:

It’s from Kyocera.

And this is Mark’s:

It’s a camera phone from Audiovox.

We’ve only had Nokia phones before, so we’ll see how it goes. Our service is with
US Cellular and we’ve always been pleased with them.

So, we continued our day with new phones to the bookstore and for a lunch at a new Mexican place – yummy. We stuffed ourselves so much we didn’t even have dinner. I went to bed early because I was tired.

Today is Mark’s birthday, so we are planning to go to this new Italian place for his bday dinner tonight. Then I don’t know what else we’re gonna do. He got a new watch, his new phone (over $200 for a phone?!?!), and some stuff for his tool kit. He’s pretty happy. So, I am probably going to leave work early and get him a cake and some stuff to decorate the house with before he gets home. Won’t that be fun!!

Ok, sorry so long, but I had some catching up to do!

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