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got tea in the mail today from the most wonderful group in the whole world. I am so glad I found these people. Not only do I have great friends, but I am learning so much about tea. And you know me, I love to learn new things.

I have to go to a performance tonight, not that I want to, but I kinda have to. It’s one of those PC things I have to do. So, I will sit through it. It’s two guys that play folk music. Fine, but I really am not in the mood right now. I think I’ll bring a book anyway. I always travel with a book, you never know when you may need an escape. You should see how I purse shop. Can it hold a book?? That’s all I care about. Oh well, that’s my Friday night.

The weather has been awful dreary today. Lots of rain again.

I’m still not watching TV. It’s been hard at times. The biggest thing I do is reach for the remote without thinking. That’s bad. I guess part of me is a mental slave to the boob tube.

We don’t have major plans this weekend. That’s a first for us in awhile. But I do have lots of homework. I don’t think Mark does though. So he can watch TV and I’ll work.

Ok, off I go to choose a tea and brew up some yumminess

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