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I’m feeling a lot better. I think I’ll be given back my membership card to Pleasant People Town. It’s about time. I’ve been a raging bear to anyone that looks at me. I still am going to crash early though. I’m worn out. I don’t plan on doing much tonight. I made some muffins from a mix and am waiting for those to cool. Then I’ll make some tea, have a muffin and read. Later on I’ll take a shower and go to bed and read.

I was surfing for audio book info last night – because I can’t watch TV – and I came across this place. It reminds me of Netflix, but only with audio books. I’m going to join because I just can’t get books on CD around here. So, I think it’ll be well worth the cost for me, anyway.

I finally took some pictures of my office for your viewing pleasure. I started at my door and went around the room. This is my door viewed from my desk. You can kind of see my collection of wacky pens and pencils on my desk – care bears, barbie – you name it:

This is continuing around the corner, use the black file cabinet as a reference. I love James Dean!

This is the wall immediately to my right when I’m at my desk:

This is a closer look at the bulletin board immediately to my right. Yes, that’s a chicken mask up there in the corner. My room is laden with chicken stuff – my improv comedy troupe is called The Rubber Chicken Factory:

This is directly behind my desk. That’s a big newspaper thing on Ernest Hemingway – my fave! And a picture of Shakespeare – another fave. The black and white picture hanging on the edge of the bulletin board is of Oscar Wilde:

This is the filing cabinet to my left when I’m sitting at the desk:

This is the wall to my left, circling back to the door. On the air handler is a collection of toys – just in case I get bored. Hanging above it on the wall are more play things. I don’t know if you can tell, but on top of the bookcase in the corner is my collection of magic wands (you never know when you need to cast a spell) and, of course, more chickens:

Lots of eye candy, huh? Well, hope you enjoyed my office!!!

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