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Mark I drove separate cars to the performance last night. It was raining – actually pouring, and we heard at intermission that there was a tornado not too far away from us, so I ran to the car barefoot – because I didn’t wanna trash my shoes. The water was getting deep because it was coming down so quickly. I had on capri, and those even got wet all around the cuff. I drove home – slowly. The streets were starting to flood. I listened to the radio – no TV still – and called Mark – he had his phone on vibrate. I told him that it was getting better, but the streets were icky. About an hour later he called and said he was going to pick us up some dinner – fast food. The rain finally ended, and we were no longer in a severe weather warning. Can’t wait till this bad weather season is over.

I have lots and lots of homework to do. Actually sitting down and looking at it all gets me a little stressed. I’ll get it done, I’m probably over-exaggerating on how much I actually have, but oh well.

Today I think we’re gonna head to our fave coffee shop for lunch and tackle some of our work while we’re there. Then Mark has a comedy show tonight. So he’ll do that. Not sure how long he’ll be gone, but about 4 hours I assume. I should be able to get oodles done since I can’t watch TV still.

Have a good one!

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