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My ass is getting kicked this month. It’s that time of the month, and I feel like some Victorian woman that needs smelling salts to be revived. I swear, I usually am fine, but this time – my God!!!! I look awful – I’m all hunched over and always have a hand across my stomach (protection I guess) and I’m totally drained of color. Plus, there’s this nasty looking scowl on my face. People are running away from me. That’s fine, because I’d probably bite their damn head off if they got any closer.

I am in desperate need of tea!! I have some lame tea bags in my desk – I’m sure I’ll resort to them. I need to rid myself of all Lipton tea bags. I keep them for those “just in case” moments – like this. But I’d do better with the tea from home. I need to prepare more and always have yummy tea in my office.

Ok, I’m gonna go wander the halls and spit fire at anyone that crosses my path.

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