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Made it through another Monday. Actually, I only have two more Mondays of work till August!! Not that I’m counting or anything.

It’s “National Turn Off Your TV” week and I’m participating. It started this morning and ends on Sunday night. I have post-it notes all over the place to remind me. My biggest fear is that I’ll just plop down on the couch and turn on the TV without thinking. So, I’m trying to remind myself. So far, so good. There are a couple things I’ll miss, but I’ll catch up on the website. I will miss the local weather reports, but I’ll just rely on my radio or Mark to tell me what he watched. BTW – Mark is not participating. He’s going to be helpful for me though. He said he’d always make sure to watch TV away from me. I’m just curious if I can do it and how it will affect my week. Just curious.

I have homework to do at home tonight. I brought stuff home so I wouldn’t be tempted to watch TV. I figure the busier I am the better. So, I will need to tackle that here soon. Then I can spend the rest of the night reading. Oh – just thought of something that made me mad today!! Our library on campus has two, count them, two books on CD. Every thing else is on tape. Our public library has two on CD and tons on tape. I am Furious George about this. I guess I’m screwed. I was listening while I was cleaning, crafting, whatever. It was kind of multi-tasking, I guess, but I was having fun. So now I have nothing to listen to. I don’t have a way to play tapes and move around. I’m a 21st century girl. And that’s it – there isn’t a single place in this whole damn town to get them either. Small town living can totally suck sometimes.

I guess I’m just too worldly for this place…. (just joking)

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