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I had my evaluation today. I didn’t know it was today… One of the Deans caught me this morning and told me she was coming to my Mass Communications class to evaluate me. We have Deans evaluate our “in-class” performance once every three years when you’re tenured. It’s my time… So I told her that she could come on up and hang out. I really had a good lecture today too. I usually prepare a whole bunch on evaluation days because I get nervous, but without even having much notice I jammed. Good for me. At least I think I jammed. We had great discussion and they were able to answer questions I threw at them. I was very proud of them. Only once did they all start talking and I had to hush them up. We’ll see. With the way paperwork is done around here, it may be summer before I ever see the results. Then I have to go in and have a meeting with another Dean about my results. So, hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing for me.

It is rainy, rainy, rainy today. I can’t believe it. Gray, cloudy, wet – puddles everywhere. And humid!! It’s unreal. I am so sticky. I hate that. I always feel sweaty and dirty when it’s humid out.

Tonight I have to read – a lot. I won’t be watching TV, so Markie may have to go to another room and watch while I figure out what I’m going to do. I would like to craft, but my end-of-the-year reading assignments are getting due and I need to be a few steps ahead of everyone.

I’m gonna wander around a little bit right now, then I need to work on some stuff this afternoon. At 2:30 there is a poet on campus that I am going to listen to. Then I have a 3:30 meeting. Then I’m outta here!

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