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We’re back from seeing Seinfeld in concert! We had a great time. We left work at noon and got to KC by 3:00. We check in our hotel and freshened up and relaxed a little. Here is the view from our room on the 19th floor. This first one is facing northwest:

This one is northeast:

We met my brother and his wife for drinks and appetizers in the hotel bar:

We then walked to the theatre – it was only two blocks away. We acted like tourists! Here is a picture of Mark and me:

The concert was a lot of fun! We laughed and laughed. Since he’s married he did a lot of stuff about the differences between men and women. That was the best part because everyone can totally relate to that.

We then went to eat at George Brett’s on the Plaza. It was nice to be there. We stayed for a long time and just talked and had fun. We got back to our room at 11:00. I did order room service when we got back – I need my tea afterall. I was wondering what kind they would bring. I asked for Earl Grey and they brought me this brand. Needless to say, I was very pleased.

We got home this afternoon a little after noon. I took a nap and lounged around a little. I haven’t really done much. Looks like tomorrow will be busy, huh?

Tonight we are heading out to see a play, and will try and find a place for dinner afterwards. I’ll be glad to be in my own bed tonight. It’s always nice to get back to your bed and pillow! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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