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It was a nice Friday. We slept in then went for a late breakfast. I worked on a cross-stitch project, then took a nap, read a little bit, and cleaned the kitchen. Then we had a quick little dinner, watched a movie, and now Mark has a friend over – so I’m just doing some stuff here and there. I do need to work on my quilting – I haven’t done anything with that today. Yesterday I worked really hard on it and got a lot accomplished.

Being home I’ve consumed more tea than I normally do. I kind of walk in the kitchen and think, “Hm – I think I’ll make some tea – just because I can.” I like to be the boss of me.

Actually, I’m a little hungry now, but I really don’t feel like fixing anything – so I guess I won’t eat. That was easy.

Ok, I need to do something productive. See ya!

PS – I spent some time adding blinkies to my sidebar – take a look!

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