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Icky weather has been causing me to have sinus headaches and such. I know it’s all related to the barometric pressure, but still…It’s annoying. I am staying on top of them though and not letting them get me down.

So far this week we have gotten a lot done. Almost all my homework is done – I’m waiting till the weekend to finish it all up. Then I have a very good start on my quilting project, I should be able to crank out a lot in the next few days. I am reading also, but that is going slowly for some reason. I have decided to clean and listen to my book on disc at the same time. I hardly even know I’m cleaning – can’t beat that.

We are thinking of going to a movie tomorrow, but it’s supposed to thunderstorm a good part of the day tomorrow, and if it does, we’ll probably just stay home. This time of year really stresses me out – it doesn’ t help that people refer to our area as tornado alley. So far we’ve been lucky and haven’t had any major storms – let’s keep it like that. Plus – we don’t have a basement – hardly any of the homes around here do. URG – it’s frightening.

We are debating where to eat tonight – do we want to go out or just grab something? Then what? Maybe a movie? Who knows…. it’s nice and lazy today. I tried to take a nap, but my head wasn’t cooperating, so I may end up in bed early tonight. I have spent the day drinking tea – bliss!

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