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Last night at about 7:30 I got a call from my brother saying they took my mom to the hospital. She has Addison’s Disease and any kind of illness affects her more than it would affect us. Well, she got the flu and had to call my brother before she lost consciousness. They were at the hospital until one a.m. They rehydrated her and kept giving her stuff for nausea and they had to keep upping her hydrocortisone. She doesn’t even remember going to the hospital or being at the hospital. She finally came to around midnight and they monitored her for an hour then released her. She’s totally fine now. But she will need to double up her meds till she’s totally better. I was wondering if I was going to have to make a trip up there – again. I was figuring out what to pack and trying to watch the weather channel to see if it was going to be stormy or not. So, by the time it was all over, I got to sleep at 2 a.m. I called her this morning and she’s doing fine. Thank goodness.

I think I need a nap…

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