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Ahhh, I’m back from Spring Break. Friday I had a conference at a nearby college. It was fine. There were four presenters – they were all very good, but the third one was a little over the top. This was a conference for English teachers on the college level – and he kind of spoke to us like we were little kids. There were two of us from my college that drove up together. So, on the way back home we stopped off at a wonderful little quilt store. I loaded up on fat quarters and some quilting gadgets that I need for my upcoming project. Since I got back around 6 on Friday night, Mark and I decided to go out for pizza. But before that I opened up my swap box fromStella! It rocked! I’m still going through and playing with stuff. It was awesome and I really and truly loved everything in it.

Saturday morning we got up at 6 so we could get ready to travel to my Mom’s in Kansas City. We had a nice ride up, I got lots of knitting done, and the weather was excellent. Once we got there we had lunch at her house then headed out shopping and my tattoo! Here it is:

We found some bargains when shopping – clothes for Mark, books for Mark, shoes for Mark – hmmmm, I didn’t get a thing – what is up with that? I got a shirt and a pair of summer shoes, but that’s it. Mark was a shopping machine – which is highly unusual for him, so I let him go to town. Then we headed back to her house and napped. We met my brother and his wife at their new house – it’s a great house, I love the floor plan. Then we all headed out to dinner at the Red Star Tavern. Yummy! I had a nice Sam Adams beer and their Ahi Tuna with pickled ginger and wilted spinach over rice and it was all covered with a dark sweet soy sauce. Heaven! That was nice. We all loved our food actually. By that time it was getting late so we all parted and headed home.

Sunday morning we got up around 10 and went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Ok, we LOVED it! My mother on the other hand didn’t like it very much at all. I tell you, it’s going to be one of those films that people either love or hate. It reminded me of Lost in Translation. Only because it’s kind of artsy and unconventional. Plus, the editing and the cinematagraphy is outta control! We also loved the lighting in “Eternal Sunshine” – we give it two thumbs way up -but we’re theatre people – we enjoy that kind of stuff…

The rest of the day on Sunday was devoted to napping and knitting. Mom’s new boyfriend came over to meet us and we all sat around and visited for awhile. Then we headed to a gospel concert – Mom’s boyfriend is into those. It was interesting considering Mark and I had never been to one of those things before – it was a little too Jesus-y for me – do you know what I mean? Anyway, after that we all had a late dinner at Applebee’s. We really like the new boyfriend – he’s very nice and easy to talk with – that’s a good thing.

This morning we got up around 9 and ended up having brunch at Perkins before heading out. We got on the road about noon and made it home by 3 without any trouble. During the ride home I was able to finish my knitting project!!Look!

See, and I put a little pocket in it:

I’m very proud of it because I made it all up myself – no pattern and it’s really the third thing I’ve ever made – what a big girl!

Once we got home I went through the mail and loved the kitty – then we both fell asleep for a little bit. I plan on spending the rest of the night doing nothing. Tomorrow however will be a different story – I need to start working on the house and go into work once to check mail and stuff.

Oh, I wanted to show you the card I embroidered:

It’s just plain cardstock and plain embroidery thread, then I lined the inside so you couldn’t see the back. This is the card I sent out with my swap box. I plan on making more like it.

Ok, I’m done writing for the night – I still have stuff to do online so I better close for now. Adios!!!

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