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Good Friday morning! We want to rent a movie or two tonight. I am glad about that. I will knit or cross-stitch, or cut loose threads on my quilt blocks while it’s going on. Did I say quilt blocks? Yes! I worked my little butt off last night in class and got the rest of my batting cut and completed 10 of the 80 squares I have to do. They’re sewn, and cut to size. Each square has 7 different pieces of fabric on it. So, I’m trying to keep my sizes and colors in the correct piles. It’s nice in the classroom because we have these gigantic tables to work on, but at home, I don’t have a gigantic empty table to use. These are big like those banquet size tables, but they have a nice top that doesn’t show scratches and each one is wired, so you plug your machine in anywhere directly to the table. I like sitting at the end and having everything to the left of me for some reason. It’s nice that we all get to design our own little sewing space. So, for not doing any of my homework, I feel mighty good about what I got accomplished last night. My school homework consists of lots of reading. I can do that. Not a problem. I think I have to do a little research and make a quiz or two also, but that’s no biggie.

No Friday Five this week.

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