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I got my car back and the brakes are awesome. I damn near catapulted myself through the windshield the first time I braked. But, they’re fixed. I’m not complaining. But, I am questioning why the mechanics insist on redoing every single one of my pre-set stations on the radio! UGH! I think they do it just to piss people off. Well, it works.

Tonight I have quilting and I haven’t done a single thing to my quilt. We usually spend the first few minutes going over each other’s projects and talking about their progress and trouble-shooting. Once in awhile someone has nothing to share, tonight will be my night. I bought a walking foot for my machine – why didn’t mine come with one? And I will get to use it tonight. How exciting will that be? I will be a sewing machine – wait a minute, that doesn’t work, does it? How’s this, I’ll be a sewing mama! That’s a little better.

We haven’t thought about dinner, but cereal is what we’ll probably have. Fine by me. We were at a health fair thingy this weekend and they did bone scans – mine are fine. Which is what I thought considering I must drink a gallon of milk a week with all the cereal I eat. I swear, I’ve been doing that forever now. I wonder how many bowls of cereal I’ve consumed in my lifetime. Mercy – I don’t know if I want to know. I might be embarrassed.

Tomorrow is Friday! We are going to rent a movie for the night. I am excited. Cuddle time!

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