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As we were driving to lunch today, Mark commented on how he thought the brakes didn’t seem right. So, we ran our errands and didn’t think about it too much. We got home, put the car in the garage, and then a few hours later Mark ran out to get dinner. I peeked in the garage and there was a ton of brake fluid puddled up where the back passenger tire was. Well, no wonder! So, Markie called them when he got back and we’ll take it back in on Monday morning. We won’t be driving that car this weekend!

We just got done watching “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray and we also watched “The King of Texas” with Patrick Stewart. We loved “Lost in Translation” the dialogue, the cinematography, it was beautifully shot and so gentle. The humor is so subtle and natural. As for “King of Texas” we only watched it because it’s based on King Lear – so we had to watch it. We talked all through it. We had to comment on the difference of the characters from the play to this movie and how the lines are different, and everything. It was fun for us. We like doing stuff like that. Especially if it’s a movie that we know the play. Then we have to figure out why they left certain scenes and characters out. There was tons left out of this movie. Lear is normally over three hours long and this was like an hour and a half. It was a fun little night for us Shakespeare freaks. I also knit all through the movies. I got a lot done, but I’m ready for a break – I’m gonna read before bed now.

Tomorrow we sleep in!

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