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Well, it’s always an adventure with me. Yesterday as I was pulling into the salon for my nail appointment, my brakes went out. Not totally, but very, very close. I got my nails done and slowly headed home. I felt like I had to brake a block away from every light and had to press my foot way into the floor – practically on tippy toe. So, we made an appointment to take it in this morning. What an adventure. Mark drove it behind me – I was in the Jeep- we figured I should lead so in case the brakes totally go he would only run into me and not some complete stranger who might sue us. We took as many side roads as we could. We finally had to venture out where the speed limit was 55 – good God! We were going about 30 miles an hour. Thank goodness it was a two lane. People were passing us and giving us dirty looks. Oh well, we made it there. They don’t know if they’ll get to it today, but I don’t care, I just want it fixed.

I have a lot of homework stuff to catch up on today AND I haven’t done a single thing for my quilting homework. I really don’t think I’ll get a chance to either. I have stuff to keep me busy this afternoon, then I have stuff to do tonight – like dust, and then I need to finish all my homework I won’t get done here. Hopefully I will end up with a little time for myself….

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