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Tonight was much better than the night before. We went to dinner and had a nice time. It was a bit crowded and loud, but what can you expect on Valentine’s? We overestimated our time, so we ended up getting done eating with much time to spare. We thought that maybe service would be slower, but we were mistaken – they were ultra speedy. Since we had time to spare we went to a bookstore. This is exactly what we did the night before. Obviously we like food and bookstores. I got a cup of yummy and decadent chocolate butterscotch coffee. It was very nice. I spent my time looking at craft magazines and knitting books.

Let me go off on knitting books for a bit, ok? As someone who is teaching herself to knit, I find it unreal that so many books spend the first few pages showing some stitches then jump right into an amazingly hard project like a sweater. I have done a scarf and an in the middle of my purse. All without being able to really read a damn pattern. Some of these knitting books that say they are for beginners are NOT for beginners.

Ok, back to my night. We then headed to the theatre to see Second City. I need to digress again. I have worked and studied improv for years now. Let’s see – almost 20 – Goodness gracious! I have performed, made money, learned, taught, and run my own improv groups. I still perform! I really think Second City may be overrated. They have the name and the connections to build famous people. I don’t… But for real – there’s nothing they do that we don’t. It’s nice to see that, but we were still a little disappointed. Not much laughing on our parts, it’s kind of hard when you know all the games and you know what comes next – there are so many little in’s and out’s that we know how to work each game. Oh well, it provided much conversation for our drive home. We will see them again, but we will continue working in the manner in which we know how. Hopefully creating superstar comedy performers without the hook-up that Second City can provide.

Today we’ve been lazy. I did some homework, and took a nap. I need to start some laundry. I’ll do that when I’m done here, then I should think about more homework and cleaning the kitchen tonight. I think I’ll spend time this evening reading. Since I got tons of books this weekend I feel like I want to get reading more.

I’m dreading tomorrow morning, I always am dragging ass on Monday mornings.

But first – this:

Using band names, spell out your first name:

B Black Eyed Peas
E Eagles
T Toto
H Huey Lewis and the News
A Arrowsmith
N Nine Inch Nails
E Evanessence

Have you ever had a song written about you?
Yes actually. On our wedding, my mom was dating a guy that was a singer/songerwriter and he wrote a song for the two of us. We have a copy of the lyrics and the music. Such a sweet gift.

What song makes you cry?
Nothing all the time, but at certain times in my life I have cried at certain songs

What song makes you happy?
Madonna stuff, plus our song – Ray Charles’s “Singin’ my Song” – that makes me smile!

What do you like to listen to before bed?
I read before bed

Name a song by Coal Chamber:
I have no clue. Why don’t you name a song by Inda Eaton, huh? How do ya like them apples?

First album you ever bought?
Record- Beach Boys greatest hits
Tape- Madonna – Like a Virgin
CD- I don’t remember….

Name a song that reminds you of someone and why:
When I hear Elton John songs I am reminded of my ex-boyfriend. He was an Elton freak

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