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I had quite an interesting evening last night. We headed out with a friend of ours to dinner. Dinner was fabulous. We went to this Italian place we love. Our friend had never been there, but he really enjoyed it. I had the Scampi Damien, which is shrimp and linguine in a lemon garlic butter sauce. Divine! I ate a lot of it, but not all. Just a little left on my plate. Then we were heading to Border’s bookstore to kill some time before the show we had tickets for. As soon as I stood up from my seat in the restaurant I knew something was wrong. I got lightheaded and felt HOT.

We walked to the car and by the time we pulled out of the parking lot I thought I was going to puke all over the back seat. I had brought my knitting along and dumped it all on the floor and sat with my little knitting bag on my lap ready to puke. Mark was in the front seat chatting away. Traffic was heavy so I knew we couldn’t just stop anywhere – plus we were kind of a time schedule. I got all cold and clammy and rested my head against the window to cool down. My stomach was making these awful noises – I can’t believe they didn’t hear me in the front seat. Plus I was all doubled over in pain. I tried to breathe real slowly and shut my eyes. The road seemed exceptionally bumpy and curvy – every little turn tossed my tummy even more. I figured IF I made it to the bookstore I would run to the bathroom and throw up. We finally got the bookstore and Mark finally noticed me. His face was in shock. I was dripping sweat and totally pale.

We let our friend walk ahead of us and we said we were gonna sit out front of the bookstore a minute. I told Mark what was going on. He felt so bad for not noticing. I ran to the bathroom and stayed in there for awhile. When I came out Mark suggested that I get something to settle my tummy. Luckily they had tea – I got some Ginseng Peppermint (Republic of Tea) – I knew the peppermint would help. I sucked it down rather quickly and started to feel a little better. Then I got all teary. I get that way when I don’t feel well. I was all sad about feeling icky and making Mark take care of me, plus I’m just a big ole baby on top of everything. So we walked around the bookstore and every little time I would look at a book Mark would pick it up and say he was going to buy it for me. By the time we ended up leaving I had over $130 worth of books! What a sweatie! Like I really needed those – I already have tons to read. That made me even more teary. I had to visit the bathroom a few more times and I was still crying all through the store.

We headed to the theatre and we had great seats. We saw “Bat Boy: The Musical” – it’s so much fun, kind of like Rocky Horror. We enjoyed this production, we have seen it before, and this one was better. I think our friend thought we were fighting because I was all teary and quite all of a sudden. We had super seats that were smack dab in the middle of the theatre. I started getting all hot and icky feeling again. At intermission I raced out to the lobby and got some Slice to drink. That made my tummy feel better, but I decided not to go back in and sit in my seat. I spoke with the usher about how I wasn’t feeling well and asked if I could sit in the last row. I’m glad I did because my stomach started making noises again and I would’ve been so embarrassed to have that happen with people around me. I made it through Act II. On the way home I tried to sleep in the back seat, but everytime I’d start to drift off I’d get dizzy – kind of like when you’ve had too much alcohol. So I sat up and kept my forehead against the window.

We finally got home and I slept in my sweater and undies. I didn’t wake up once. I finally woke at 11:30 this morning. I wasn’t hungry for lunch, but I had salad and a cinnamon role – yummy and niutritious, huh? I drank some coffee and I feel ok. I do feel a little run-down, but I think I’ll make it. I have NO idea what happened to me. That totally sucked! Tonight we’re heading out again. Another restaurant and then we’re going to see Second City Improv group perform. I am getting an aisle seat just in case I can’t keep my dinner down again tonight. I think I am still a little feverish, but I feel tons better.

Hopefully I can eat normally tonight. I’ll try and be careful with what I order…..

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