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I have bit off each and every one of my acrylic nails. I am stubby now. I was just getting sick of them and wanted them off. Consequently, once I see fresh fingernail, I bite it off – I have a problem. I wish I could just grow my nails a little and not bite them. I have tried everything, but I guess I really don’t want to because I still keep on biting.

I have a trick to keep myself in my office and work rather than walk around and visit and stuff. I light a candle. I figure that if the candle is lit I’m going far and won’t be gone for long for fear of burning the place down. So, today, my candle is lit. I actually got the bulk of my grading done. Enough for today. I have reading out the wazoo tonight, but I won’t do it all. I want to do something fun – like craft or read. I’m reading Big Fish(notice off to the side) and I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m enjoying the book and am fascinated at the writing. I’ll let you know how I like it when I’m done.

My mom returns tonight from her cruise. Yippie! I can’t wait to hear about the fun she had. She deserves it! Very exciting!

Tomorrow is a half day – we are heading to the Doctor’s for Mark’s check-up from his surgery. Then we’re going to goof off the rest of the day. I need to go to Hobby Lobby and get some quilting stuff. Plus, there’s a new Mexican restaurant we want to try. A friend of ours said it’s pretty good.

I have to get gas on the way home. What fun. Then I get to go home and clean bathrooms. Are you envious????

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