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Every time Mark is away on business I notice how much healthier I eat. Isn’t’ that odd? He isn’t a junk food junkie or anything, but he’d prefer to have snacks around the house “just in case” – not me. I want that stuff outta here. It’s better if I just don’t snack. Which I don’t when he’s gone. I just make some tea, or have some water, or do some cleaning – then I forget I was even thinking about snacking. Here’s the clincher – he weighs less than I do. Why is it that guys can eat like crazy and not have it affect then? Drats!

I worked on my quilt last night – for hours, then I ran out of thread! So, I need to head back to the store and get some. I was really hoping to stay in all day. Oh well, it’ll be a quick trip. I have some housecleaning, some teacher homework, I have to pay some bills, and quilt. Oh – I am ALMOST finished with my scarf. I think I’ll finish it today. I have no idea how to bind off or cast off, or whatever it’s called. The pictures don’t make sense. Guess I’ll have to make up something.

Ok, gonna head to the store and get some thread – lots of it so this doesn’t happen again.

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