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Mark left bright and early this morning for his conference in Denver, so I’m home alone. I did some housecleaning, took a nap, went shopping, came home and made dinner, now I’m ready to sit in front of the sewing machine for a few hours and work on my quilt for class. I had to get some fabric today for future projects. They were swamped for some reason. The whole world is crafting crazy I guess.

I am in the mood for something sweet, but alas, nothing is in the house. Which is good I guess. I will probably make some instant pudding later one. That usually does the trick. Plus, since it’s got in milk in it, I tell myself how good it is for me.

I ordered this book today finally. I am anxious to get it. I wish there was a group of knitters around here. But nope. Just me. I also ordered Bust magazine. I am looking forward to my first issue. I guess I also did some online shopping today, hmmm, forgot to mention that earlier, didn’t I? One of the reasons I love online shopping is because I get stuff in the mail. I’m still excited about the mail coming everyday. Same as when I was 5 years old. Some things never change.

I have ordered tea for my swap, and am starting to get stuff together for my very first state swap.

Alright, I need to make some tea, not sure what kind yet. Guess I’ll snoop around and see what I have. I think I may have a couple cups of some mint teas that I haven’t used up yet. Then I’m turning on npr and going to start quilting.

I get to sleep in tomorrow!!! Yippie!!!

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