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Well, I’ve scarfed down my lunch and am ready to head out of here. Tuesdays are my short days. I will probably grab a cup of joe on my way over to get my nails done. That’s my Tuesday guilty pleasure. I had a very busy day in classes today. I didn’t feel very productive in my lectures, but then I actually had a student come up after class saying she really enjoyed my lecture. Ah, what a good feeling. I think I blushed. An A for her! No, just kidding.

I do have some grading to do tonight, plus some reading for work. I also have to be back on campus this evening to work on rehearsals. I also need to re-fabric some chairs and a couch for the set. I bought some cheap fabric and will just make a quick little slip cover. I hope to go home after my nails and get crackin’ on some of that grading.

I have NO idea what to have for dinner. I have been eating Boca spicy chicken patties for a few days now. They’re so yummy and easy. I bet I’ll have that again tonight.

Mark called last night about midnight. He was just heading in from a busy day of meetings and such. He sounded so tired, plus he was coughing. I didn’t like that. He said he’s ok, but I don’t know…He’s notorious for not taking care of himself like he should.

Ok, almost time to cruise. I better get a few things done before I head out.

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