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Well, yesterday we were back at work for In-Service – no students. I think I’m ready to go bright and early Wednesday morning. I really do like the feel of the first day of classes. There’s a good energy that goes along with it. New students, new classes, everything is just real fresh and promising. I do have lots of work reading to do though. I will probably have to kick back and read this afternoon. I have a meeting shortly – then lunch, so I guess it’s a day of afternoon working. Fine by me – plus, I just realized that I’m leaving early for a nail appointment. Yippie!

Tonight I need to clean and start packing for Mark. He is leaving for a conference on Thursday, so I need to get stuff ready for him. It shouldn’t take too long. But I am going to be EARLY tonight. It’s frigid outside, so it’s lovely to be under the covers with a purring kitty. Last night was such a busy and hectic night for us that we barely got a chance to sit down. Tonight I want to knit and relax a little bit before bed. Doing something relaxing before bed really helps me out.

Well, I should prepare for my meeting. I need to get stuff together.

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