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The temperature dropped drastically overnight. Brrr! Well, today is our last day of vacation. We start in-service tomorrow. That means we have to get up early – it’ll be hard. We need to go to bed early too, but that is going to be difficult too. We’re used to staying up till all hours of the night. Things will have to change. I’m sure the kitty won’t like that fact that we’re gone again all day. I think she got used to having us lounge around with her.

I’m trying to finish up some last minute house-cleaning so I won’t be bombarded during my first week back. I also went shopping today so we’ve got food and everything we need to keep us content for awhile. Next I have to clean the kitchen. Then the bathrooms. I’m gonna do that all rather slowly with lots of breaks. Especially because the Packer game is on.

Ok, I’m gonna head back to the couch and root for my team!!!

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