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Today is the first day of school. I actually overslept by about 20 minutes. Oh well – not quite ready to get up so early. I brought some oatmeal to eat at my desk since I was running late. Then I’m gonna scarf down some raisins later because I have back to back classes till 12:30 – no break! I will always have to pack a snack or something, otherwise I’ll be raiding the machines.

I don’t watch lots of TV – in fact – it can go days without ever being turned on at our house – but we are both addicted to “The Real World”. Last night was the season premiere. We were all pumped. I like it – especially Frankie – the girl from KC (perhaps I like her so much because I’m from KC!! hmmmmmmmm).

I bought this creamer to put in my coffee – cinnamon -it’s icky. I don’t like it. I guess I’ll pour the whole thing out…No coffee for me this morning I guess. I may have to grab a Diet Coke to get me going.

My hands have been so dry with this cold weather – especially when I come in from outside. I carry Bath and Body stuff with me wherever I go – in my purse, my school bag – it’s in practically every room of the house. No one can say I don’t smell pretty…

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