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I slept nice and late today. We don’t have much planned for today, basically just cleaning and we’ve got a movie we rented, but it’s not due for awhile. We’ve been on a movie kick here recently. We went to see “Cold Mountain” – I thought it was long. I usually don’t look at my watch during a movie, but I looked twice. I really like Renee Zellweger though. It was ok – I would wait till video. I’ve also been on a Woody Allen kick, so I’m grabbing a few of those each time we visit Blockbuster.

We went out for dinner last night with some gift certificates we got as a gift. That’s always a great gift for us – we love dining out. I do need to figure out dinner tonight – probably Boca burgers??? That’s my easy way out.

Ok, off to lounge around till I feel like cleaning.

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