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We saw Return of the King tonight! I loved it. I cried. Dork!! But, we did have technical difficulties right at first. The sound was all screwed up and I was freaked that the whole movie would be that way. Luckily, they fixed it right away. We met a friend of ours from work. She is totally into LOTR. She brought her book along. I love that. She’s so cute.

Anyway, the rest of our lives have been going well. I had to return some stuff at Walmart, figured I’d better do it now before the lines are outta control. Then we had lunch together and I napped and played online for awhile. I got some laundry done and stuff like that. Tomorrow we have NOTHING planned. Yippie! I will do some school work and stuff like that. I want to read, and work on a scarf or two.

I am getting caught up on General Hospital yet again. It’s funny, because Mark watches it too. In fact, he has watched it longer than I have. I watched in starting in high school, and Mark watched it with his mom all the time. He is amazing at GH trivia. He cracks me up.

Oh, my Secret Santa got her gifts in the mail today – she opened them up and loves them. Made me smile!!!! I am hoping we can continue talking via email, we actually have a lot in common. I can’t wait to get my gift from my Secret Santa. I am looking forward to it. It’s fun getting things in the mail!

Ok, need to figure out what to do now. Either hit the hay or work some more. Ok, I made my decision. Watch out pillows – here I come!!!

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