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Along with vacation comes very busy days. Monday I had to visit the doc about my
cyst. No big deal. I’m just kind of keeping it still for awhile and hoping that works. I hated sitting in the waiting room – everyone was hackin’ and snifflin’. I’m so glad I got a flu shot, I hope it works.

Today we had doc appointments for Mark. His three month surgery check-up. Tests and stuff. He’s ok, we think. They’ve started him on some new meds – hopefully they’ll help.

We did lots of fun stuff then. I went thrift store shopping, we went to the mall, Walmart, and the bookstore. I loved it! I came home and took a nap then we headed out to dinner. Dinner was icky. It’s this place we used to go to all the time, we knew the owners. Well, it changed ownership and things are way different. Our lettuce in our salad was brown. They took it back and gave us others, but they weren’t much better. Then Mark’s steak wasn’t cooked right – that had to be sent back too. My flounder was WAY dry. Not good. In other words, I don’t think we’ll be back. It’s kind of sad because that place holds such fun memories for us. We used to love being there – it’s a very romantic place. But, such is the luck.

At the bookstore today I looked at Journals by Kurt Cobain. I am adding it to my wish list. It’s not that I love Cobain or anything, but I’m very intrigued with the way people journal and HOW they journal. Especially if these people were artistic. It’s even better if they were depressed. I think when people like that journal, they are pouring their hearts out, and I love that kind of writing. It’s very honest and true. Guess the writer in me is drawn to that.

Tonight I need to pay bills and do the checkbook, then I want to work on my online class. If I can get the bulk of that out of the way – I will be much more relaxed.

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