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We were very productive today even though we slept till 10:30. We spent the morning, or what was left of it doing work – school work. I am finally finished with my online class, or at least I think I’m finished till some student points out some obvious flaws. Mark was busy writing. Another play is oozing out of him, he’s up till the wee hours and busily pecking away at the keyboard.

We had a yummy little lunch at our fave coffee shop – wild rice soup and cinnamon coffee. Delish. The afternoon was spent cleaning, paying bills, putting away some Christmas card stuff, scrapbooking and pondering dinner. Mark finally decided on take out – Chinese. We sat on the floor in front of the TV and ate our dinner.

Once that was devoured I began some baking – peanut butter cookies and two batches of sugar cookies. Everything is on the counter now, cooling away. I need to put it all away then I want to spend time working on a scarf. It’s made of fleece, and a student of mine had one on right before finals. I practically accosted her wondering how she made it. Once I figured it out I headed out for fleece. I got enough for me and about 6 others. I figure I’ll give them away as needed.

Oh, I heard from my Secret Santa! Yippie! He said Amazon is backed up and won’t be able to mail stuff out till January. Fine by me, I don’t care – Christmas is whenever we want it to be.

Our lives are so different during the holidays and the summer. Since we don’t work, it’s as if this odd internal clock thing takes over. We suddenly stay up till all hours of the night and sleep in terribly late. But it just seems natural. We think it’s the way our bodies really want to be. No alarm clocks, no schedules. Lunch is usually around 3 and dinner is usually around 8. Bed time by 2 and up around 10. We don’t intentionally intend on this happening, it just does. That’s why we think it’s normal, at least it’s normal for us.

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