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I’ve had a pretty good weekend, though I am feeling a little confused about things.  I guess my behavior last night was rather odd. The fact that I couldn’t go hang out with my “friends”  is nothing new – it just bothers me that I feel that way about those people.  We’ve all known each other for about 10 years now.  The are vastly different than we are.  Though I do agree that differences are a good thing – but it’s getting where we hardly have anything to talk about.  Mark and I are very private people.  We like to be at home with each other. We enjoy reading, writing, long talks with each other, good wine, smooth coffee, hot teas, fires in the fireplace, home-cooked meals we make together, baking together, npr radio, VERY little TV, we love politics and the history of politics, we love to study the Bible together and have deep discussions about it.  We aren’t complete boring professors like people assume we are we also have fun and crazy times.  We take lots of weekend trips to see theatre, we love having a night of cocktails of choice (the blender is out and it gets crazy), we love bumming around all day in jammies, we play music LOUDLY – we love all types of music- we jump on the bed, we chase each other, we have tickle fights and wrestle with each other.  To us, it’s a normal and lovely life.  Our friends on the other hand are soooo very different.  They hate wine, no one drinks coffee, or tea – ok, maybe plain ole Lipton iced tea at the restaurant – they know nothing about the news, they can’t talk politics, they’re addicted to prime time TV, none of them cook, I don’t even think they know what npr is, they make fun of religion, they don’t understand why we go out of town on weekend trips (what’s wrong with this town they say), ALL of them are divorced or have never been married, they bag on relationships all the time. See?  All these differences brought us together, we loved exploring their side of things, they tried some of our ideas and laughed at most everything we did. We’ve slowly but surely been distancing ourselves from them.  It’s hard because this is a small college town and we really don’t have OTOH friends.  They all think Mark and I are a bunch of geeks. We’re starting to think they’re a bunch of white-trash.  It’s just depressing – they seriously don’t understand us.  One of the women and I were very close – then I kind of stopped talking to her because all she did was gossip and make fun of people.  The negativity was driving me crazy.  I started to be negative.  It’s contagious.  So, here we are – basically alone, which is fine, but a group of friends that loves what we love would be wonderful!  I don’t know if we’ll find that here…


Kind of sad.

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