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Good morning

I am ready to begin a new week. I actually slacked off somewhat this weekend with my homework.  I need to do a lecture this afternoon and DIDN’T go over the chapter this weekend. So, I’m kind of stumped now.  I have a little bit of time here and there, but not enough to thoroughly go over an entire chapter so I can lecture over it.  Oh well, I’ll think of something – perhaps it’ll be a short class.


I’ve piles of things to keep me busy today – I imagine today will go fast.  I have some errands to run after work, then I go home to clean the bathroom.  I’m going to make something for dinner tonight too.  I’ve got some ground turkey thawed out, so we’ll see what I come up with.  If I can’t think of anything, or if I get lazy, it’ll be good ole hamburger helper.


Tomorrow we both are taking the day off.  Mark has to go to the Doctor’s for follow up tests.  It’s been a month since his surgery and he’s doing great. So, we figured since we’ll be in the hospital all morning, why not take the whole day off?  Why not just go have lunch and then goof off at the mall or something?  Sounds good to me. I think we’ll stop off at the bookstore and grab some coffee and chill out there during the afternoon.  I can’t wait.  It’s always nice to play hookie once in awhile.


I went to this little fruit and veggie stand yesterday. It’s way out in the country.  Everything is grown by this family – you can see the gardens from the highway.  It’s way out there – like 15 miles out of town on teeny tiny little roads.  But it’s worth it.  Plus, the scenery this time of year is awesome. I practically drove off the road a few times while I was looking at the trees.  I love fall!  Every now and then there would be this incredible red on a tree – it would be so bright, you could see it for miles.  I love that!  I saw one tree that almost looked pinkish – it was this orange and yellow color – I guess more peach colored than pink, but it was fabulous.  I wish Mark would’ve been in the car with me – we could’ve made a whole day of driving around in the country.



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