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I need so much help with this site.  I am html illiterate. I have tried some stuff and have totally jacked up everything.  In fact, yesterday afternoon I completely erased most everything I had.  So, I had to start from scratch – I just cut and paste stuff.  Oh man – I want it to look good.  Woe is me…


I’m thankful it’s Friday.  We will leave about 2 today then we head for lunch – like we do every Friday – at our favorite coffee shop.  Such a sweet little place. Then we go home and relax.  Then up to Indy for the play.  After that we head over to Bum’s for pizza.  I think I’ll probably just fall asleep the moment I hit the pillow tonight.  I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow morning.


Ok, I’m gonna go exploring some more and see what I can find on other people’s sites.

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