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I haven’t even done much tonight since I got home from work.  I am going to watch the news then I’m going to have dinner at some point.  I’m not sure what though – I have tons of veggies I need to eat – so it looks like steamed veggies for me.  Then I’m gonna head to the coffee shop for something and go get gas in the Jeep.  Sounds like a plan.


I have a little bit of grading to do, so I will do that. Then I want to dust (ok, I don’t WANT to, but I should) then I want to read.  Pretty relaxing as far as I’m concerned.


I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday!  We have a swamped weekend, but at least we’re together.  I guess I’ll be watching Little Shop on Friday, going to the homecoming game on Saturday, then watching Little Shop again on Sunday – then it’s all OVER.  Finally


Ok, I need to get crackin’ – (Whatever that means…)

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