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Pen and paper

am very pleased with my decision to continue my writing. I think about what kind of world we used to live in.  As far as writing is concerned.  I have always written.  I have diaries and journals from way back.  Now, I almost find it difficult to write for a long period time with pen and paper.  Don’t get me wrong, I MUST do it sometimes, but for the most part, and most of my daily life, I would much rather be in front of a keyboard.  My mind goes so fast, my fingers can barely keep up.  With a pen, forget it. I end up losing stuff from my head.  I enjoy writing by hand when it’s something like poetry, or some kind of essay thing about life.  Like when I’m reflecting out in a park, or a coffee shop – I don’t mind pen and paper.  I rather enjoy it.
I have finished grading papers – they weren’t too good. My students actually disappointed me because of their lack of knowledge over a little quiz I gave.  Not  a pop quiz – they knew this was coming PLUS it was open note!  I almost cry thinking about it.  I wish they all felt like I do about learning.  But alas, not everyone is like me.  That’s probably why I’m in academia and they’re just paying their dues – making their way through college so they can play ball.  Don’t get cynical now annie – you must keep your head up.
I plan on reading a few Robert Frost poems and then I’m grabbing my book for the rest of the night.  I will probably indulge in a cup of hot soy chocolate milk – yummy.
I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for me.

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