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It’s Friday, and I’m ready for my weekend. Mostly so I can sleep in on Saturday and Sunday.    Mark is doing so much better – he’s much more healthy than he was.  I am very pleased with everything – we’re just impatient.


I worked on my Robert Frost stuff for about an hour last night.  I think I’ll try submitting three different poems.  Different formats.  I have some good books, and there’s always the web, so I should be ok.  I hope I get it – that would be cool.  I should probably start a publishing resume.  I’m sure I’ll eventually forget all my stuff if this keeps up.


I don’t have much homework over the weekend at least.  We are busy both tonight and Saturday night.  That’s ok though.


Stuart still hasn’t sold his house yet – that would cause me stress.  Maybe not though.  I think I’ve gotten a lot stronger since the surgery and there isn’t a lot that stresses me anymore. I am kind of seeing the big picture for what it is.  I need to remember not to focus on teeny tiny things and stress about it all.


Ok, gonna continue (begin) my day.


Adios amigos

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