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Ok, I spent most of last evening reading everything about Blogger I could possibly find.  I need to start working on my page, but not right now – no time.  I took the title of terrible beauty because of the William Butler Yeats poem – Easter 1916.  That phrase is repeated in there a few times and I find it fascinating.


I am sending all my friends and family members in the state of California a sympathy card today – I figured if they’re stuck with Arnold they may as well have a laugh about it.  I’m embarrassed for them.


I wrote a bunch of pagan poetry the other day and almost feel shy about sharing it with my fellow writer friends.  I know some of them will judge.  Just because I write pagan poetry doesn’t mean I’m pagan OR evil.  People just assume stuff.  I actually had some stuff published in a recent pagan poetry anthology and was curious as to how many of the poets said they were practicing pagans.  Many of them were, but there were quite a few that weren’t.  I think I’m drawn to pagan poetry because of the tie with nature and the beauty of it.  The lure of the goddess is also enticing.


So – much madness is divinest sense.  (My mantra for today)


Oh, I’m also immersing myself in robert frost poetry – I’m submitting entries for an anthology by yale university press.  I remember I had to memorize “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” when I was in 7th or 8th grade.  I thought he only wrote about winter because his last name was frost.

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