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Mark and I normally cuddle up on the couch and watch the 10:00 news together. Last night, he was working late. He had a recruiting trip. He didn’t get home until after 9:30. So, we ended up sitting on the couch and got caught up with our nights.  We missed the news.

Afterwards, I got on facebook.  I was scanning my newsfeed. I saw a news report about someone involved in a murder-suicide. It was our social worker. I gasped. I could barely spit out the words. Mark came over to peer over my shoulder.  We clicked on the links. It was her. Her husband had shot her and turned the gun on himself.

I cried. A lot.  I am still rather teary.  She was our social worker. She FOUND our daughter.  She was at the court hearing when we adopted our daughter. She has been to our home numerous times. She was an angel. Really – an angel.  She united us.  Without her – I don’t know if we all three would’ve found each other.  My mind cannot comprehend what’s going on.  I have so many questions. The injustice. The heartache. Her children!  Her children – her two little boys whom she ADORED!

I am distraught.

Scripture isn’t comforting right now. I am angry.

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