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Fall is here

The wee one and I made cookies last night. They were ok. IF I make them again I would leave out the granulated sugar. The brown sugar and the syrup make them sweet enough.  The hubs doesn’t care for them. I think they’re only ok. The wee one likes them. And, here’s the kicker – she likes NOTHING. So, I think it’s a keeper of a recipe if she eats them. I mean, how else do I get oatmeal down her gullet?

Mark will be away again this evening. He is taking a group of students to a local high school production. Getting some recruiting out of the way.  She and I really don’t have much planned. I imagine crafting will be in order. I started her mermaid skirt last night, but I need to grab some more fabric from work tomorrow. So tonight – it will probably be knitting for the two of us.

She has choir after school, so that means she doesn’t come home till late. I went to the store and grabbed some stuff for sandwiches. I was kind of tempted to just suggest that we go out and eat. But, I’m really trying to NOT do that.  I’m proud that I went to the store!

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