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woman #2

A few weeks ago i wrote about an inspiring woman to me. I called her woman #1. Today, I write about the second woman. I’ve known this woman for about 7 years. There are three things I admire most about her.

She is a morning person. And, not that I wish to be a morning person. I am just amazed at how much of a morning person she is. She is chipper, but not disgusting in the morning. She gets things done. She is organized. She doesn’t complain about mornings. I respect that.  She makes sure her family is ready to go, then she heads out the door herself. I’m continually amazed at how she does it.

The second thing is how frugal she is.  Not in a bad way either. Her husband has odd work hours. His lunch hour is during the dinner hour. So, he comes home for an hour and has dinner with the family. They rarely go out to eat – maybe on the weekends, but hardly ever. So, every night she cooks.  By the time her husband drives home for lunch, he has time to sit and eat and leave.  Now, her three kids are all old enough to help, but it’s still a pretty big chore. She cooks for all five of them, has it exactly ready by the time he walks in, then cleans up when it’s all over.  When her husband comes home after work – he usually has a sandwich or leftovers. So this meal is his big meal of the day.  And, no matter what, she cooks. Even if nothing is thawed out at home. She is great at creating something out of nothing. I always ask, “So, what’s for dinner?”  I’m always curious as to what she comes up with.

And, lastly, she’s an outdoors person. I personally don’t want to be that kind of person, but I’m kind of jealous that she is.  You see, she lives on a good deal of land. They can’t see their neighbors. They have a pond, so they fish and boat around in it. They ride 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers.  They have a pool. They have a concrete slab for  a half court basketball game. They have a dog they run around with outside.  They have a big garden. They have a little walking trail around their property.  Sometimes she comments on what she and the kids are going to do after dinner, and I get a bit jealous. That would be fun.  I mean, we have a pool, I can walk around the block, we have a little garden – but it’s not the same.

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