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This week has been crazy long for me. I am soooo ready for the weekend. Fridays are excellent for us. We have such a fun routine. Our last class on Friday is from 1-2, but we usually get out around 1:30. Then we pack up for the day. We go to the same place for lunch – ok a late lunch – then we come home and do odds and ends like – mail, email, random cleaning. Then we take a nap together for about an hour. Then we get up and lounge around and visit. Then we go out for a late dinner. But tonight we must be home in time for the debates. We are gonna finish eating – come home – I’m gonna put on jammies – we’ll brew a pot of coffee – I’ll paint my toenails then knit – all while we watch the debates. We talk to the TV so much it’s crazy.

The whole voting thing has been awesome on our campus. Lots of the kids are more involved than I thought they would be. They are paying attention and asking questions. It’s hard to remain perfectly biased. I want them to make their own decision – whatever that may be. We have registered tons of kids on campus – now on the 2nd, we need to make sure they get their butt out and actually vote. The polling place is directly across the street AND all absentee ballots are being mailed by the college, so they won’t have to pay postage (I know it’s only a few pennies, but hey, they’re college kids). I just hope the numbers are huge! I can’t wait to see how many people actually vote AND how many people are first-time voters.

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