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My mind has been elsewhere lately. Not sure where – but not here. I have been a knitting fool lately. Tonight I plan on devoting much time to finishing up the ruana. I want to read some blogs to get caught up, then sit down and work. I know this isn’t my craft blog, but I am already preparing myself for the project after my poncho. Busy, busy, busy. I like that though. I am trying to stay focused, but this week is going unbelievable slow for me. I keep looking at the clock and time is moving so slowly for me this week. I feel like I’ m in a bucket of jell*o. So, I’m not gonna write much tonight.

But first, this:

You are RACHEL RAY, host of “$40 a Day”
and “30-Minute Meals”. Youre zany,
just a little bit dorky, but you know your
stuff. You show quick and easy meals that dont
break your budget. You also love to travel,
and hunt for the most fun and the best deals.
You obviously love having fun and love showing
others how to have fun. Youre adventurous and
happy-go-lucky, yet way frugal and thrifty.
Good job!

Which Food Network Personality are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

That’s almost a little too perfect for me! Thanks for the link Hannah!

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