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I have been swamped and overwhelmed with the beginning of the semester. Day one is over and hopefully things will start getting into a groove for me. I have a fairly large freshman honors class, so that’s taking time and forcing me to do a lot of extra stuff. I am not going to take any work home tonight. I plan on cleaning the bathroom and then watching a DVD and knit. Dinner will be something out tonight. We always eat out the first day of school. Too much stress and lots to talk about.

I’ve already had one student in my office crying this morning. You are placed in your math classes based on you ACT/SAT scores for math. Well, she scored low and has to take beginning Algebra. She swears she took Calc in High School and got A’s, and doesn’t understand why she has to take beginning Algebra. Well, I don’t have her transcript, but I’m wondering why she scored so low on the math part if she really did take Calc. It’s possible, but she took the test 3 times and always scored low? Just a little confusing. I see enough of these scores to know that they stay rather consistent . So, I don’t know. But it’s all part of the job.

I’m also going to try to post some vacation pictures tonight.

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