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Well, it’s midnight and I finally have time to post. Full day of work – inservice meetings and getting things ready for Monday. Then I went grocery shopping. Then we headed out for the night. We had dinner and drinks at this bar where some of our alum were performing. They are a brother and sister team. He sings and plays guitar and she sings. I had him as a student like 8 years ago, and I had her just last year. They are in Texas now and still have family up here. So they came up to perform. Awesome! They seriously rocked. I am hoarse from singing along all night long with everyone. The entire bar was totally into them. I’m very proud of both of them. The funny thing is I did NOT get along with him when he was here. And I got along with her just fine. He and I had many, many tiffs in the classroom. He was such an obnoxious kid – I was so glad to see that he grew up into a wonderful and talented person. We did have this awkward moment together for a minute – I think we both knew how much we angered each other that semester. But that’s the past and we both have changed. We’re going out to the same bar again tomorrow because a friend of ours knows the guy who is playing out there tomorrow. So, I guess a bunch of us are heading out for some fun. The only thing I mind – all the smoke. I hate coming home from a bar smelling like smoke. It gives me a headache. My hair just stinks like it! Icky!

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