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We’re back from vacation and I actually audioblogged – but there’s no post. I was so sad to come home and find that it didn’t work. I need to figure out what I did wrong. Boo-hoo.

We had a fabulous time. We ended up being a little sneaky and leaving early. We were talking after lunch on Tuesday, and I said how I wish we could be there already. So, Mark suggested we call the hotel and see if they can accommodate us one extra night. We figured we would let fate be in charge – if there was room, we would go. And guess what? They had room! So we finished packing and got ready. We hit the road at 3 and arrived around 6:30. We quickly checked in and dropped our bags in our room and headed back out.

Now, neither one of us had ever been to Eureka Springs, AR. But it truly is beautiful! The trip getting there is rather treacherous. Since it’s out in the middle of nowhere, the roads are unbelievably hilly and curvy. It was like a cartoon road. Our ears were popping because you would go straight up a mountain then wind your way back down. The last 30 miles took us about 45 minutes. Crazy.

We got up early on Wednesday so we could hit the town – but things don’t open up till 10. It is so very laid back there. Stores are maybe open, and maybe not. People pretty much open if they want to. They all close by 5 and many close much earlier. Restaurants – very odd – most open around 11 to 3 for lunch and 5-9 for dinner. But not all restaurants serve both. Some are lunch only, some are dinner only. Some only open on Fridays and Saturdays. Most just close early if they feel no one is showing up. So our eating plans were changed around a few times till we could find something that was open. The stores run the same way. By 8, the place is pretty quiet.

We stayed right in the heart of downtown. The town is hilly and curvy, so we were thankful to park the car and walk everywhere. The roads are mighty narrow. We had a perfect hotel for what we wanted to do. We wanted to explore downtown- all the shops and restaurants and we did. I got lots of Christmas shopping done actually. So, on our second day we realized we could sleep in because things weren’t ready to open till after 10. We spent time in the jacuzzi and played foosball in the hotel bar – I totally kick ass at that game. We spent some time in the hotel restaurant listening to music. We ate wonderful food! We visited a tea room. I had a facial and a pedicure in their spa. Mark got this exfoliating scrub thing he hated, and a massage. Then he went to another spa for some kind of chakra focused massage. He liked that one much better. We took a trolley ride around the town. I got another tattoo! We always went to bed early because we must’ve walked about 5 miles up and down hills each and every day. Plus, it was HOT! The first day was so humid. The heat index was 105!!! Killer. But it cooled off. Thank goodness. The people are friendly and soooo laid back. Service was generally slow, but they were nice. Everyone there just kinda takes their own sweet time. By last night after dinner, we were ready to come home. So we packed up and headed to bed.

We missed the kitty though! We took pictures, and I will post them, but I need to finish unpacking and stuff. It was a very fun trip and we would totally go back there again.

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