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Ok, I think I’ll try and post a little. We are leaving on vacation – Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on Wednesday morning and returning Saturday night. I have a zillion and one things to do prior to leaving. We closed Peter Pan with a Sunday matinee. We sold out each and every production. It was a madhouse. Standing room only. Crazy. Good crazy, but crazy. We are thoroughly tired. We went out almost every night after the show for drinks with friends and alumni. That was very much needed. But, the housework has been seriously neglected, and packing has only begun. So, I basically have today to get it all done. Tomorrow we go out of town for an appointment with Mark’s neuro-surgeon, and while we’re away, we’re going to get some clothes shopping done for him. He needs stuff for the trip. Can you say, last minute? Then Tuesday night we need to do yardwork before we head out. So, it’s awfully busy around here. But, the vacation is MUCH needed.

We will actually be coming home on our actual anniversary date, but that’s fine. We’re going to “celebrate” our anniversary on Friday night – our last night there. There’s this Italian place that everyone has said we MUST go to. So, that will be our anniversary dinner – a day early. Our room has a jacuzzi. Fun! We’re gonna get a bottle of wine and sit in that thing till we turn pruney. I have checked the weather and it should be nice – upper 80’s with no rain. Hopefully it’ll stay that way and not get any warmer.

We’re having a former student house-sit for us. She lives about 45 minutes away from here, she’s home for the summer. She desperately is looking to get out of the house. You know how it is – it’s hard to come back over the summer when you’re in college. She’s only back this summer because she’s in the millitary and had a few months of training to complete in June and July. She will take care of JD and stay here. She’s a very good person, and we totally trust her. Plus, I just like having someone at the house. I know we live in a small community. But it’s more comforting to me to know that someone is there. Especially because JD hates being alone for long periods of time. Plus, we’re paying her rather well (because this is important to us) and she gets to eat all our food. What could be better?

I will try and audioblog while I’m away. But I never got a chance to when I was gone last time. I think we’ll have some relaxing time (we better) so I should be able to blog. We are NOT going to check email or anything like that. It’s a wireless vacation – we need that. I should be blogging again on Sunday. Have a great rest of the week!

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