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Today I was in interviews for a good part of the day. I get a little frustrated with the whole process of interviewing for a job. Personally, I don’t think I’m a good interviewer. But at least I’ve got a job right now and don’t have to worry about it.

The weather is s starting to getting mighty hot and humid. Slowly but surely, the temps are rising. It’s frustrating. I love to keep the windows open, but I can’t anymore. We totally need the air on.

Tonight I need to work on homework stuff. I would like to watch a movie later, but I’m not sure Mark’s up for that tonight. I was planning on going to the track tonight, but no way. I will either walk on the treadmill, or do some yoga. Looks like the days of being outside are dwindling away.

Mark drilled into his thumb yesterday at work. He was in the shop working on the set and he drilled about a quarter of an inch below his left thumbnail. I stopped because he hit the bone. He probably could’ve used a stitch or two, or at least a tetanus shot. But, he’s a male. So he’s walking around with bandages. It’s starting to get better actually. I think he’ll be ok. It probably stressed me out more than it did him.

I had chicken in a marinade all day. I used soy sauce, honey, ginger, and a little bit of water and oil. It stayed in there all day. Then I just popped it on the grill for a little bit. Yummy! Then we had salad of great northern beans, green beans, tomatoes and Italian dressing. And slices of french bread with melted havarti cheese with dill. It was all so easy and so good. We have some of the salad leftover, so we’ll finish it up tomorrow night. I’m making nachos, so it’ll be an easy dinner again.

I think I’m gonna have to go to bed early tonight. I was up earlier than I usually am during the summer, and it kicked my butt.

On a political note, we are so pumped about Kerry picking Edwards. I was at work early this morning and CNN is my homepage. When I logged on, I read it and immediately called Mark telling him the good news. We were so happy. We are such news geeks, but we love it!

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