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I am going to take an online class about teaching online classes? Kinda funny, huh? One of the deans called me and said she had an opening for this class. It starts on July 12 and runs for 5 weeks. It’s for college profs who teach online using this program called WebCT, and we will learn how to better teach with the program. We aren’t learning how to use the program, because we should all already know that. We’ll learn how to provide quality instruction without actually being there. I’m looking forward to it because I hear from a lot of people that online classes sometimes mean the quality of instruction isn’t as good. I would like to avoid that pitfall.

So, the class runs 5 weeks, and during that time I will be visiting my mom in KC and going on our anniversary vacation. So, my mom’s PC is rather antiquated. It freezes up and is super slow. So, we will have to take time out of our shopping and I will have to find an Internet cafe or something. I’ll bring the laptop just in case I find a place that’s wired, but what a drag that will be. Then I looked at the website for our hotel on our vacation, and they don’t mention being wired. I’m sure they’ve got something set up, but most places advertise it. So, I need to contact them this week to find out how I can be a good student while on vacation. Fun, huh?

Then there’s a conference she wanted me to attend, but it’s during our vacation time. Sorry, no can do.

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