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Here I am, totally in the mood to cook, and Mark’s not hungry. I think I may make it anyway in an hour or so. But if he refuses to eat it, the what’s the bother making it. He only had Taco Bell for lunch – not like he was at a buffet or anything. I mean, your wife wants to cook for you – do you know how many people would love that? But, I guess he just wants a sandwich. boo-hoo

I need to finish house work tonight. Finish laundry and clean the kitchen. Make a new batch of iced tea for the week. Give myself a pedicure, and check on my online class to see if I have anything messages to reply to. Not bad – easy little list.

I have two meetings on campus tomorrow – I suppose I should always dress up for them, but because I’m usually the only one not really working – I just show up in shorts and stuff. I’m not working people! I think some people look at me, but hey, it’s summer vacation, I only have a nine month contract, and I am called in for a meeting. I think summer clothes are fine. I wouldn’t freak out if someone walked into a meeting in shorts when they weren’t working. I would kind of expect it.

I think we’re supposed to get storms tonight. It looks all dark one minute, then the next it’s all sunny. But the radar says it’s on it’s way – all comin’ in from Wichita. At least it won’t hit us till even later tonight. I like sleeping during storms.

Everyone have a good week!

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