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1] What’s the most decadent, indulgent, and delicious dessert that you’ve ever tried?
My mom used to make these chocolate mousse crepe. They were the best. It was a chocolate crepe filled with chocolate mousse, but the mousse was thicker and heavier than a regular mousse. Then the filled crepes went in the fridge to set. When you ate them you topped then with whipped cream and this hot chocolate sauce – I don’t know what it was – it was runny, very dark, and very sweet. You could only eat one because the mousse stuff was so rich. But, if I remember correctly, the mousse was made with raw eggs?? I think??? I don’t know…

2] Which candies/treats did you enjoy most when you were a child?
I like Necco’s, pixie sticks, candy cigarettes, gummi bears, spree’s, bubble gum, sixlets, blow-pops. Mostly fruity stuff.

3] If you could invent a brand-new ice cream flavor ~ one that nobody has ever tried ~ what would it be?
Something hot fudge. Sonic makes a hot fudge shake. Unreal! It tastes like you’re sucking hot fudge through the straw. I love it – I was skeptical at first though. I would want something that tastes like hot fudge with chocolate chunks and almonds in it.

4] Which is best, in your opinion: white chocolate, milk chocolate, semisweet chocolate, dark chocolate, or no chocolate at all?
Here’s the deal. I used to be a white chocolate freak in high school. I think I liked it because it was different. But it got old to me. I rarely eat milk chocolate. Semi-sweet is awesome in cookies, and dark is good just plain. Wanna know a great way to eat dark chocolate??? Take a square – like from a Special Dark bar – and put in the microwave for just a few seconds. You want it to soften, but not lose its shape. Then you get another bowl full of whipped cream – the stuff from the tub works better than the stuff from the can. I keep stirring the melted chocolate so it doesn’t harden up, but it’s gotta be cool – that’s key in this little concoction. When the chocolate is cool, stir the two together. My God in Heaven – it’s awesome! If you don’t let the chocolate cool, it’ll clump up when it’s mixed with the whipped cream.

5] Do you have a favorite cookie? What is it? [If you have the recipe, feel free to share it with us if you are so inclined!
I like chocolate chip cookies, but my way only! I always add more chocolate chips – about half of what the recipe calls for in the first place. Only semi-sweet. Then I don’t bake them all way till they’re hard and brown. Mine come out still soft. I remove them from the sheet right away so they stop cooking. I place them on a cooling rack. This way, no matter when you eat the cookies, the chocolate is still all ooey and gooey!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of The Friday Forum.

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